Marina Invites Us In

Living Room

Living Room

Marina Cruz Garcia likes to dig deep into memories.  Whether she embroiders mementoes, impastoes on canvas, or moulds with resin, her pieces hearken back to personal remembrances of her family’s history.  In this exhibit, OPEN HOUSE,  at The Drawing Room, she takes us on an intimate tour as she revisits an ancestral home now bereft of marina-pianopeople, but still filled with objects that recount their presence. 



Each painting highlights a particular space in the house, giving us viewers a sense of what was.  Here in the garden, children used to run and play.  In the bedroom, a lady would preen on the old-fashioned vanity.  There, the family broke bread, perhaps after having said grace.  At the entrance, a menagerie waddled in and out under the watchful eyes of Sta Ana. 

Dining Room

Dining Room

The enchantment of these paintings, to me at least, lies with the color palette that Marina adopts.  To my mind, these rich autumn shades of deep brown, brick, and rust, injected with that bolt of blue and moss green, echo back to the works of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts artisans of the turn of the last century.  Her use of flat planes and determinedly skewed perspectives give the pieces that edge that stop them from sinking into sappy sentimentality. 

When Marina reminisces, she does so in such an interesting and arresting



fashion, she can’t help but draw us in, allowing us the privilege of walking  back to the past with her.






Open House with Marina Cruz Garcia is at The Drawing Room from 22 November to 15 December 2008  Ph: (632)897-6690  




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