Peering Into Lynyrd’s Blackhearted Soul



Lynyrd’s eyes lock with mine from every corner of the gallery.  In my favorite,  Ang Dilim…Hindi Na Muna Ako Pipikit (How Dark It Is…I Will Not Close My Eyes), they look at me through a mist, an otherwordly, ghostly gaze.  In Manhid (Indifferent),  they beg in

Ang Dilim...Hindi Muna Ako Pipikit

Ang Dilim...Hindi Na Muna Ako Pipikit

mute appeal, trapped in an unconscionable plight.  In Lynyrd, surrounded by a sheen of black, one set of eyes look away, unable to meet mine, as harsh, painful words spurt from his lips, while the other set expresses regret, beseeching forgiveness. In Wala ng Plano Plano (Forget Making Plans), his eyes turn dead, determinedly closed, immune from feeling.  In the last of his self-portraits,  Apoy…Nakakasilaw (Blinded by Flame), sunglasses deliberately shield him, closing off his vulnerability.  



Wala Nang Plano Plano

Wala Nang Plano Plano


Apoy... Nakasilaw

As in every piece he does, Lynyrd does not fear letting it all out, bringing his pain and rawness to the fore.  We feel his jumbled thoughts, articulated as shadowed layers of texts and figures that hover beneath the surface of his images.  We wonder what he has gone through to curse himself as blackhearted.  More than his incredible skill as an artist, more than the excitement that his future will surely generate, we know that when we acquire a Lynyrd Paras work, we bring home a piece of the man himself.

Sirain Mo Ako

Sirain Mo Ako

 Against His Blackhearted World, 3rd Solo Show is on view from 14  to 31 December 2008 at Blanc Compound,  359 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City.  Phone (632)752-0032  and

Ngayon Sabihin Mo Paano Mo Pa Ako Masasaktan

Ngayon Sabihin Mo Paano Mo Pa Ako Masasaktan


4 Responses to Peering Into Lynyrd’s Blackhearted Soul

  1. dennis says:

    Mr. Paras,
    Gusto ko sana makabili ng works mo,buy i ges i can only afford small ones. Can i ask for yuo’re contact details if its ok.

    Dennis Castillo

  2. hi bro, how you doin? and your painting is off the hook and keep blazin and may God Bless you more and stay focus. see ya soon and keep in touch and keep the faith.

    Jose Nocum II

  3. mae says:

    hi Lynyrd,
    Congratulations! you’re so great and talented. keep it up! I hope I can attend an event of yours someday…

    Keep rockin’ \m/(“,\\

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