Tin-Aw Turns One!


Don Salubayba "The Best Unit of Oneself is Oneself"

Don Salubayba "The Best Unit of Oneself is Oneself"

When Dawn Atienza decided to finally open her own gallery, she knew the kind of place she longed for.  Aside from an easily accessible location, she wanted her space to simulate the relaxed, informal atmoshpere of Art In The Park, the Museum Foundation’s annual affordable art fair.

Jose John Santos III, "Package"

Jose John Santos III, "Package"

Antipas Delotavo "Peripherals"

Antipas Delotavo "Peripherals"

Dawn, the younger sister of Mark Justiniani,  grew up with the arts and artists.  Even as she held an office job, she started dealing in art pieces.  Soon enough, Tin-Aw Arts Management represented Mark, Joy Mallari, Ferdie Montemayor, and a bit later on,  Alfredo Esquillo Jr.  Thus, the need for a permanent base. 

By Mark Justiniani

By Mark Justiniani, "Ginintuang Itlog (Basag na Pula)", oil painting on a frying pan


Today, Tin-Aw Art Gallery celebrates its first year with the show Diminishing Returns.  Patrick Flores conceptualized and curated the group exhibit, challenging artists with the key words introspection, contraction, units of measure. The show contributes insights on the current financial crisis sweeping the globe, and its effects on both the average Filipino and the contemporary art market.  Participating artists are Dennis Atienza, Antipas Delotavo, Alfredo Esquillo Jr., Mark Justiniani, Joy Mallari, Ferdie Montemayor, Kirby Roxas, Don Salubayba, Jose John Santos III, Juanito Torres, Clairelynn Uy, and Pamela Yan Santos.  

Pam Yan Santos "Memory Lane"

Pam Yan Santos "Memory Lane" and "Random Access Memory"

By Juanito Torres

By Juanito Torres, "Nakubkob"



As Dawn and her cousin, Marya Salang, welcome us tonight, they  can look back with pride.  Aside from giving us impressive shows this past year, notably Don Salubayba’s A Brown Man’s Allegory Project and Alfredo Esquillo Jr’s Reclamation Project, Tin-Aw has truly become a comfortable and casual venue for viewing works of art.

By Alfredo Esquillo Jr

By Alfredo Esquillo Jr., "Reality Check"


Diminishing Returns is on view from 6 t 20 March 2009, Tin-Aw Art Gallery, Upper GF, Somerset Olympia, Makati Avenue, Makati City.  Ph (632) 892-7522 or visit http://www.tin-aw.com

by Joy Mallari "Dugtungan"

by Joy Mallari "Dugtungan at Tuksuhan"


By Kirby Roxas

By Kirby Roxas, "Round 2K"



Mark Justiniani "Jackpot Junkie"


By Ferdie Montemayor, "Lucky Pick"

Dennis Atienza "Forex"

Dennis Atienza "Forex"

By Clairelynn Uy

By Clairelynn Uy, "Echoing Ebb Tide"


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