Felix Bacolor’s Perfect Storm

Felix Bacolor, "Stormy Weather" (detail)

Felix Bacolor, "Stormy Weather" (detail)

Of course the sun sizzled even more just when PAGASA declared summer’s end, that the rains would start pouring down. In Bonifacio High Street, the heat feels even more intense, with hardly any trees and foliage to shade you. But once you make your way three flights up, to MO’s Art Space, above the floors that retail sleek Italian sofas and loungers, Felix Bacolor’s installation, Stormy Weather, awaits, guaranteed to refresh!

Felix installs more than 800 plastic wind chimes in vibrant Popsicle hues, completely covering the ceiling. Inspiration hit him as he searched Quiapo for wind chimes for

Another view, "Stormy Weather"

Another view, "Stormy Weather"

another project. In this show, he brings us back to the wind chimes’ original use as a weather barometer. We hang them by our windows to emit soft tinkles on balmy days, loud jangles as the wind blows stronger.

He positions electric fans around the perimeter. Turn them on full blast, and off the chimes go, vibrating to a visual, auditory, and tactile delight. Felix gives us a show with a simple concept that delivers a

Felix Bacolor, "Stormy Weather"

Felix Bacolor, "Stormy Weather"

complete treat to the senses, no matter what PAGASA predicts.

Stormy Weather by Felix Bacolor is on view from 23 May to 28 June 2009 at Mo’s Art Space, 3F Mos Design/ Bo’s Concept, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City. Ph(632)856-0061


4 Responses to Felix Bacolor’s Perfect Storm

  1. Dawn Atienza says:

    Sounds fun! Will check it out 🙂

  2. cris says:

    Now, I like this. Very cleverly conceptualized. The brightly coloured wind chimes must be very pleasing to the eyes too. Trying to understand the reason for setting the fans on full blast though. Wouldn’t that make the wind chimes make a noisy racket? I rather like the sound wind chimes give on a soft breeze. It emits an eerie and mysterious sound that gives you a sense of foreboding. Would love to see this work if I get the chance.

  3. cris says:

    Ooooops! Silly me. Missed the title. Question answered. I could sleep easy now.

  4. Rico Q says:

    i loved this show! It was best seen with no one around while sitting in one corner of the gallery while these 800 wind chimes created this pleasant din filling the entire room.

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