Philippine Art Awards (Metro Manila and Luzon) at the National Museum

Toti Cerda, "Broken Vows'

It’s a great time to swing by the National Museum.  For history buffs, War and Dissent looks at the Philippine-American War from 1898 to 1915 and examines both sides of the conflict in meticulous detail.  For fashionistas, the Slim Retrospective offers a rare glimpse of Salvacion Lim Higgins’ exquisite creations from the 1950s to the 1990s.  And for us art addicts, the Philippine Art Awards exhibit of winners starts today.

Art Sanchez, "Tragic Playground"

To recap, the Philippine Art Awards started 15 years ago under the aegis of Philip Morris Philippines Manufacturing Inc. Then, the Philippine grand prize winner would compete against other national winners from the ASEAN region.  In 2005, despite the cancellation of the ASEAN Art Awards, Philip Morris opted to continue their sponsorship of the Philippine competition.  Held every other year, the PAA continues to be the most prestigious of the art derbies in the country.  Past winners include Gabby Barredo, Alfredo Esquillo Jr., Kawayan de Guia, Nona Garcia, Joy Mallari, Winner JumalonAmbie Abaño, Marina Cruz.

Detail, Art Sanchez, "Tragic Playground"

As has been the case since 2007, ten winners from four regions will compete for the Grand Prize and five Juror’s Choice prizes.  Today, judges announced the ten winners from Metro Manila and the ten winners from the Luzon Region.  By the first quarter of 2010, the winning works from the Visayas and Mindanao move to Manila, also to the National Museum, for the National Competition.

Dan Raralio, "Brain Drain"

I thought it an exciting development that the competition this year opened up to multi-dimensional pieces.  However, as can be seen from the roster, most artists opted to stick to paintings.  How interesting for the competition should the forthcoming years yield more adventurous work.  The PAA offers a venue for the daring and our artists should rise up to the challenge!

Isidro Santos, "Binigkis"

The 2007-2008 awards produced an outstanding batch of regional and national winners that may prove difficult to match.  I  did spot gems in this group of Metro Manila and Luzon winners. Hopefully, the Visayas and Mindanao winners do not disappoint.

Camille dela Rosa, "Those Who Have Ears Hear, Those Who Have Eyes See"

A formidable panel judged the Metro Manila and Luzon leg of the PAA:  Cedie Vargas of the Lopez Museum, Dean Tina Colayco of the UP College of Fine Arts, Dr. Patrick Flores of the UP Vargas Museum, art critic Cid Reyes, artists Nestor Vinluan and Julie Lluch, and National Artist Ben Cabrera.

Dexter Sy, "Oro, Plata, Mata"

The winners for Metro Manila are Dexter Sy, Joey Cobcobo, Arnel Brillantes, Maximo Balatbat II, Froilan Calayag, Thomas Daquioag, Camille dela Rosa, Jay Pacena, Dan Raralio, and Raffy Napay.

Froilan Calayag, "Mother's Revenge"

The winners for Luzon are Toti Cerda, Art Sanchez, Isidro D. Santos, Reynaldo Samson Jr., Rommel Sampana, Teodorico Cumagun III, Cris Villanueva, Yuan Mo’ro Ocampo, Vincent Paul Padilla, and Augusto Elorpe.

Raffy Napay, "Ang Liwanag at Ang Pakikipaglaban"

You can view the 2009-2010 Philippine Art Awards Metro Manila and Luzon winners at the 4F, Museum of the Filipino People, Agrifina Circle, Manila.  For more information, visit

Reynaldo Santos Jr., "Sustansiya Ng Langit"

Rommel Sampana, "The Following Program Is Not Suitable For Young Audiences"


51 Responses to Philippine Art Awards (Metro Manila and Luzon) at the National Museum

  1. Nice arts…I hope I could visit that place.

  2. oscar floirendo says:

    ang lalakas….u

  3. Art Maglanque says:

    yung kay cerda’t raralio champion! yung iba ewan ko lang bakit nasale tsk tsk

  4. Johann Padiernos says:

    Mother’s revenge reminds me of the sculpture of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal displayed at the Rizal Shrine in Intramuros.

  5. Artist group says:

    Yung iba nakita ko personally sa submission.. hindi naman talaga maganda. hindi deserving ang top 10.

    • Egai says:

      Depende lang sa judges, Nakita ko rin yung orange at yung may hayop. wala nga gano pumapansin, hindi kapansin-pansin pero napansin ng judges. hahaha wierd!

  6. carmille says:

    Parang hindi nga deserving yung top 10. No offense.

  7. Don’t know the criteria the judges follow for selecting the winners but how can a sink strainer be considered a piece of art at all? Just because there were holes? I better frame all the sink strainers I have at home. Sabagay, may topak lahat ng artists.

    • manilaartblogger says:

      Thank you Mr. Virgilio P. Castillo for your comments and for taking the time to view my posts. If you have a few moments to spare, you may want to research on Mr. Dan Raralio, creator of the piece you have commented on. Mr. Raralio is a practicing sculptor, and has been awarded CCP’s Thirteen Artists Award and Metrobank Foundation’s Achievement in Sculpture, among many other honors. I particularly enjoy his pillow series for its ability to convey softness and fluffiness in polymere resin, a durable, rigid, medium.
      The title of this piece that you took exception to is “Brain Drain”. I believe that it caught the judges’ attention precisely because it used an innocuous, everyday object (the sink drain) to impart, in a simple, witty manner, a national concern (the outflow of skilled labor). With all due respect, I find it an excellent addition to his pillow series. In this piece, the pillow, the receptacle of our dreams, cradles the drain.

  8. And what happened to originality? How could the judges allow an artist submit a copy Jose Rizal’s Mother’s Revenge and how could an artist claim it is his own?

    Di ba katopakan yan?

    • Meenie says:

      EXCUSE ME….about Froilan Calayag’s
      The Mother’s Revenge(After Rizal) tingnan mo ngang mabuti..parehas ba ang SCULPTURE sa PAINTING?? at Kaya nga ang title diba The MOTHER’S REVENGE(AFTER RIZAL) he doesn’t claimed that its his original title kya nga may AFTER RIZAL ehh. its not KATOPAKAN like wat uv said. Hindi mo kasi alam ang side ng Artist ung real intention nia kung bakit ganto ang gnwa nia.

  9. carla says:

    Puro naman weird art ang pumasok nakakatakot at nakakadiri!

    • arTchitecture says:

      Hey, I think you look so pretty…as well as your work, I advice you, YOU should join the GSIS ART Competition- doon siguro may slot ka for you to win if you join but not at PAA. RESEARCH why those entries and previous entries nasama sa FINALIST.

  10. ART says:

    if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

  11. toy says:

    same people win every time

  12. ghel says:

    Almost all of them are negatives. Notice the artwork and even the titles:Broken Vows, Tragic Playground, Mother’s Revenge,The Following Program Is Not Suitable For Young Audiences…etc.

    In this time of crisis, lalong mabigat sa kalooban makakita ng mga ganyang art. To the judges, Can’t you choose something positive or an art that gives hope and good message?

    Marami namang mas magagagandang entries noong pasahan.

    • oscar floirendo says:

      “sometimes art is difficult because life is difficult…”

    • oeduj says:

      a glass is either half full or half empty….

    • arTchitecture says:

      hey guys…always remember competition ito, we should respect the judges. I think you should ask your self why their artwork were choosen and NOT yours. It is not for the beauty of the art piece but on how you work for it in order to win in this competition. Try to explore and THINK of an ART piece that is different and fresh to the judges. Dapat ia yong trabaho mo and NOT a copy cut….

  13. oeduj says:

    Some people are just too bitter to accept that they haven’t done enough, what they can only do to ease their burden is to point fingers.

    Judges wont be judges unless they have significantly contributed to Philippine art.

    May you ask yourself, Have “I” contributed anything to the betterment of the Philippine Art Community. I guess writing those words wont help any better.

    You have the right to speak out your mind, but a written word entails responsibility.

    I wonder why you addressed those judges in such manner, those people who deicated most of their lives for such cause. What gives you the nerve to do so?

    Idle minds produce ill thoughts…

    think… think… think…then speak…

  14. A. de jesus says:

    I totally agree they are right, Positive entries are better than negative ones.

    Example yung series nung “Ahon” 2nd placer ng GSIS.
    Mas maganda ang pagakakagawa and very positive.

    • EYE'm says:

      di rin ako agree na positive entries are better…wala kanang makikitang reaction doon sa work.. kaya siguro di napapansin ng mga judges mga work na ganun..

      nakasali di ako that time sa gsis na ahon ang nag 2nd place..halos positive mga work na nanalo.. positive nga mga nanalo pero may mga negative issue naman ang gsis..

      • artinc. says:

        If you will view all the top 40 entries halos lahat nakakadiri, nakakatakot, yung tipong di mo pwede bilhin at display sa bahay mo babangungutin ka at di ka makakakain habang nakikita mo. Kahit ibigay ng libre hindi mo tatanggapin. Brutal mga judges.

      • marcia says:

        Hindi rin ako satisfied sa 2009 top 40 lahat madidilim wala man lang malinis at nakakabilib gaya nung mga past winners ng PAA compare nyo ang layo pati mga concept ngayon lahat negative nga!

      • rizza says:

        How on earth a creepy negative arts will be better than positive ones??? Maybe you’re a negative thinker!

      • EYE'm says:

        bago nyo po sabihin nyo po sabihin na brutal ang judge. di naman puntos ang basihan nila. pinag usapan naman nila kung agree silang lahat na ipasok ang isang entry. mas nakakatakot ang artist siguro kasi kahit alam nila na mahirap ipagbili ang mga ganyang work ginagawa pa rin nila. i admit na hirap magbinta ng ganyang work kasi magugutom ka. kung sakali mabili mga ganyang work.. respeto naman binibili nila hindi ang trabaho.
        taga squater lang po ako lagi mga works ko about poverty “gutom” kahit negative man ang presentation ng work i always think positive na someday makakaalis din ako sa buhay ng kahirapan.. kahit minsan di naman po pumasok sa isip ko mga negative things na magnakaw or mang lamang sa kapwa ko.. di nyo yan alam siguro di naman kayo nakaranas na kumain ng walang beses sa isang araw..

  15. mhira says:

    why is a private collector / private museum owner serving as a juror in this art competition? isn’t there a conflict of interest? remember, a collector has the symbolic power to appraise or put value on a particular artwork / artist. therefore, a collector has a selfish interest when he collects artworks and ordains an artist by including his / her works in his / her collection. this is supposedly the most prestigious art competition. paa should guard it’s name and reputation from possible doubts. we do not want another circus here.

    • bernie says:

      Exactly, very well said mhira. A private collector is biased to the works of the artists he/she collect.

    • arTchitecture says:

      I agree but then its the PAA prerogative…if you are one among the artist who join in this competition,keep joining…

  16. Dawn says:

    I also saw the works at the National Museum. I really liked “Binigkis” and “Tragic Playground.” Thanks for posting.

  17. jas says:

    sabihin na nating negative ang karamihan sa mga entries, pero kailangan ba na positive at kaaya-aya sa paningin ang isang artwork para masabing karapat-dapat na manalo sa mga art contest? o baka naman ayaw ninyong buksan ang inyong mga mata para hindi makita ang realidad ng buhay. mas tatangkilikin ko ba ang negative artwork na nagpapamulat ng katotohanan kesa sa mga art na maganda sa paningin na binubusog lang ang ating mata pero ginugutom ang ating isipan.

    • pat says:

      Hindi lang sila negative creepy at nakakadiri pa!
      Pwede naman magmulat in a positive way and positive title.

      Buti hindi ako nakasali this year brutal talaga mga napili gaya ng sabi nila. kulang din sa artistic skills yung ibang paintings “Barabag” in an artist term. Dapat concept at galing sa rendering. Maraming sablay ang execution!

  18. oeduj says:

    naghihimutok ang mga talunan……… Bitter……

  19. ventura says:

    Na-review ko lahat ng top 40. buti hindi ako nakatapos entry ko, maling mga judges ang matatapatan ko. karamihan sureal.
    Tama maraming ewan ko bakit nakapasok.

    • EYE'm says:

      sumali nalang kayo sa ibang competition na bagay sa mga trabaho nyo.. kahit kami di na nga sumali sa gsis kasi tradisyunal naman lagi nanalo.. malabo manalo mga ganyang work sa gsis..hindi judges ang mali.. every competition may mga rules at criteria.. kahit mga nanalo sa gsis malabo manalo d2 kasi contemporary art hinahanp nila hindi tradisyunal art…

      • manolito says:

        Napansin ko naman korni nung mga ibang gawa, yung iba parang freshman lang ang hagod.
        parang pinilit lang makapasok sa top 10. Dapat kasi sama-sama buong Pilipinas ang judging hindi by collection area sayang naman kung maraming malalakas sa isang CRA pero sa ibang CRA wala ng mapigang maganda! Suggestion lang isang judging lang gaya dati sama sama na!

  20. EYE'm says:

    tama.. sa metro manila pa lang daming magagaling pa dyan.. kaya lang ginawa may regional para bigyan exposure ang mga taga ibang lugar.. exhibit naman ang importante hindi ang competition.. chance na ng mga regional work na ma expose ang work nila sa national.. kahit sa amin sa visayas siguro kunti lang posible na makapasok sa finalist..

  21. yao says:

    tsk! tsk! tsk! tsk!

  22. manolito says:

    Hindi maganda!!!

    • arTchitecture says:

      Siguro maganda ang trabaho mo o di kaya nasubrahan sa ganda kaya di…bata ka pa sa PAA I guess.

  23. pecheneg says:

    dilettantes emit the most strident comments

  24. artist ako! says:


  25. art critic says:


  26. art critic says:


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