Impy Pilapil Makes Waves

Impy Pilapil, "Wave I"

In her exhibit notes, Impy Pilapil shares a memory from childhood, of a few stolen hours spent basking in the sea, of her yearning for the feel of waves.  For her current exhibit at Avellana Art Gallery, she translates her girlish longings into two towering pieces, works from New Zealand armorwood, resin, and metal.

Detail, Wave I

With Wave I and Wave II, which stand tall as tsunamis, she captures the surf as it swells and crests and undulates in a never-ending rhythm.  The grain of the light-colored wood mirrors the ripples on the ocean’s surface, broken now and again —by long metal rods,  or twisting acrylic patterns, even by an actual surfboard embedded on one side.

Impy Pilapil, "Wave II"

Like the sea, Impy’s pieces  impress with their vastness.  And just like the sea, they mesmerize as well, soothing and calming with their quiet beauty.

Detail, Wave II

Impy Pilapil New Works runs until 13 February 2010 at Avellana Art Gallery, 2680 FB Harrison St., Pasay City, Phone (632) 833-8357.

Detail, Wave II


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