Rodel and Marina Take Jakarta

Rodel Tapaya and Marina Cruz introduce their paintings to a new audience through a joint exhibit that opened last week in

Rodel Tapaya, "Top Secret"

Jakarta.  Looking Back allows both of them to continue exploring their different takes on the concept of memories.  Rodel looks back at folk tales that have been passed down through oral tradition.  He once again immortalizes them through his painted narratives. His fantastic characters and wonderful colors bring these stories to life, beautifully compressed in one frame.

Marina Cruz, "Drops On The Antique Cabinet"

Marina paints from photographs of houses in her neighborhood that have been abandoned after the onslaught of flood.  This continues her series of using spaces to celebrate recollections.  She chooses a palette that while vivid, infuse her pieces with a nostalgic feel.   Unlike purely photrealistic still lifes, Marina adopts a somewhat flat perspective that makes her pieces quite interesting.  She leaves it up to the viewer to imagine how these rooms once brimmed with life.

Rodel Tapaya, "Star Girl"

Marina Cruz, "A Backyard Scene of Random Objects"

Looking Back runs from 10 March 2010 at Ark Galerie, Jl. Senopati Raya 92, Jakarta, Phone (6221) 725-4934 or visit

Rodel Tapaya, "The Invincible"

Marina Cruz, "A Sacred Nook"

Marina Cruz, "Drying The Sheets"

Rodel Tapaya, "The Sacrifice"

Marina Cruz, "Faded Floor Tiles"

Rodel Tapaya, "To Break Free"

Marina Cruz, "Kitchen Patterns"


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