Cos Zicarelli Paints The Town Black

Costantino Zicarelli, "1:11:00 (after the birds)"

Cos Zicarelli veers to the dark side.  Literally.  In this show, we are the kids that your parents warned you about, which opened a few days ago at Art Informal, he makes liberal use of the color black for his paintings on canvas, works in ink on paper, and for the installation that serves as his show’s most commanding piece.

Costantino Zicarelli, "everything is not going to be all right"

Costantino Zicarelli, "1:10:17 (after the birds)"

Two large canvases greet you at the gallery’s foyer.  Cos takes both images from Hitchcock, from the movie Birds. Alongside the two paintings, he mounts an installation of a picket fence constructed from mirrors.  The fence leans on the wall, broken into two parts, with shattered pieces scattered on the floor.

As you move to the gallery’s main exhibit space, you encounter the massive it was always the devil’s turn, we are here together forever until the world will be on the verge of sorrow, and this stands as imposing as its title.  A church and its steeple, completely painted black, tilts as if buried on a patch of black grass.  A neon cross atop the steeple serves as its sole light source.  The only other piece in this part of the gallery is a small painting on canvas depicting a ghoulish, decomposing face.

Costantino Zicarelli, "it was always the devil's turn, we are here together forever until the world will be on the verge of sorrow"

Cos uses the gallery’s second floor for the rest of the exhibit.  Here, he experiments with Rorschach blots, creating ink forms on paper and leaving it up to the viewer to discern patterns from his titles.  Look for a dozen red roses for the beautiful bride,  little sister crying to romantic ending of the film, or daddy and mommy in the garden having a cup of tea. Figuring out his images makes for a fun game of I Spy.

Costantino Zicarelli, "the mind is a terrible thing to taste"

For me, the key to appreciating this Cos Zicarelli exhibit lies in not reading too much into his pieces, and to his somewhat incongruous titles. Don’t even try to find the thread that ties this show together.  Simply take things as he presents them and enjoy his work.  I know I did.

Costantino Zicarelli, "couple kissing"

we are the kids your parents warned you about runs from 18 March to 5 April 2010 at Art Informal, 277 Connecticut St, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City.  Phone (632) 725-8518 or visit

Costantino Zicarelli, "we are the kids that your parents warned you about"

Costantino Zicarelli, "mommy and daddy in the garden having tea"


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