Death is Alive at the Art Center

Kiko Escora, "Bungi"

In the absence of any exhibit notes or artists’ statements, it seems safe to assume that The Death of Death (Is Alive and Kicking) is a group show about death.  Simply go by the number of skulls up on the walls of the Art Center at SM Megamall.  It would have been nice to understand what went behind the more subtle, less archetypal works.  But then again, sometimes a piece should just hit you, make an impact on first impression.  After all, art need not always explain the meaning of life.  Or in this case, death.

Igan D'Bayan, "Romansa Satanista Espesyal (The Cartimar Crucifixion)"

At the foreground, Keka Rodriquez, "All The Colors Fade And Mock The Dreams That Never Wilt"

Detail, Keka Rodriguez

I thought the photographers ruled the day:  Isa Lorenzo‘s wonderful photograms and MM Yu‘s assemblage of urban oddities.  Occasionally, I forget that Isa does more than run a gallery.  Her three pieces, single editions all, serve as pleasant reminders that she is a practicing artist.  MM will make you die— of laughter.  She captures unusual sights in the city, such as a bunch of (what I assume to be) fake mounds of human dung displayed for sale.

Isa Lorenzo, "Pin Up"

Isa Lorenzo, "Icon 2"

If Megamall stays open, this exhibit’s last few days offers an interesting alternative to the usual Holy Week activities.  After all, what better time to contemplate death than during Easter, the feast of rebirth.

MM Yu, "Common Oddities"

Detail, MM Yu

The Death of Death (Is Alive and Kicking) runs from 20 March to 4 April at the SM Art Center, 4F Megamall.  Artists include Raena Abella, Juan Alcazaren, Igan D’Bayan, Kawayan de Guia, Khavn dela Cruz, Joey de Leon, Lourd de Veyra, Kiko Escora, David Griggs, Niña Laural, Ian Lomongo, Isa Lorenzo, Manuel Ocampo, Gary-Ross Pastrana, Keka Rodriguez, Mark Tandoyog, Wire Tuazon, MM Yu, and Jessica Zafra.

Manuel Ocampo, "A Wild Goose Chase Towards A Non-existent Heaven"

Detail, Manuel Ocampo

David Griggs, "An Almost Sort Of Black Claymore Painting"

Juan Alcazaren, "Flood Gates"

Detail, Juan Alcazaren

Mark Dungaw Tandoyog, "Pleasure First Before Death"

Mark Dungaw Tandoyog, "Pleasure First Before Death"

Kawayan de Guia, "Checkpoint-Diptych"

Gary-Ross Pastrana, "Study For An Invitation"

Keka Rodriguez, "My Soul Bleeds For Your Heart And Weeps The Memory Of Skin"


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