Dina Gadia Grabs You

As I walked around Blanc’s original space to view Dina Gadia’s current solo exhibit, I remembered a cramped hole in the wall

Dina Gadia with "Action 2"

that I chanced upon two years ago in Hong Kong.  Squeezed in between antique stores and art galleries in Hollywood Road, the tiny space sold vintage Chinese cinema banners and bundles of ancestor portraits. Dina’s current crop of paintings would have fit right in.

Jay Pacena, Allan Balisi, and Dina with "Walk"

How Does That Grab You Darling takes off from Dina’s fascination with B-movie posters from the 1930s to the 1970s.  She uses bright, even acidic, shades that give off a retro vibe.  Her compositions, usually of various images and texts juxtaposed as if pasted atop each other in layers, look more like collages than painted images.  Her background in advertising and graphic design comes out very strongly.  As do her Pop Art influences.

Dina Gadia, "Foul Horror"

You hear a bit of a buzz about Dina Gadia from art collectors these days.  This show certainly provides sustenance to her fans.

How Does That Grab You Darling runs from 16 April to 8 May 2010 at Blanc Art Space, 2E Crown Tower, 170 HV Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  Phone(632)752-0032 or visit http://www.blanc.ph

Mixed media piece by Dina Gadia

Dina Gadia, "Dynamite 2"

By Dina Gadia


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