Helping Out Some Glorious Bastards

By the end of September, a group of Filipino artists head for Berlin, to the city’s Freies Museum, a space that proudly calls itself

Jayson Oliveria, untitled oil on canvas piece

“…a place for art and artists in all its contemporary manifestations.”  Manuel Ocampo curates Bastards of Misrepresentation:  Doing Time On Filipino Time, a group show on Manila’s cultural scene.  Running from October 1 to November 10, the exhibit brings together a whole range of work from  15 artists—-from Bea Camacho’s performances, Pow Martinez’s sound installations, Jayson Oliveria and Robert Langenegger’s paintings, to Poklong Anading’s photographs.  Scheduled to coincide with Art Forum Berlin and Berlin Liste, the city’s two important art fairs, the show presents an exciting opportunity to unveil Philippine contemporary art to a city at the forefront of important art movements.

Bea Camacho, "Modules"

Two weeks ago, Blanc Compound played host to an art raffle, one of several efforts mounted by the group to raise funds for this upcoming show.  As we all know, events like this do not get any financial support from our cultural

Nona Garcia, Louie Cordero, Argie Bandoy, Vic Balanon

institutions.  Artists must rely on their own initiative.  Thirty collectors showed their support for this one, and, in addition to enjoying cans of ice cold beer, went home with works by the participating artists (some of which I’ve posted here).

David Griggs, "Bullet 3"

Bastards of Misrepresentation:  Doing Time On Filipino Time will feature work by Poklong Anading, Argie Bandoy, Bea Camacho, Lena Cobangbang, Maria Cruz, Gaston Damag, David Griggs, Robert Langenegger, Romeo Lee, Pow Martinez, Manuel Ocampo, Jayson Oliveria, Jucar Raquepo, Gerry Tan, and MM Yu.

For more information, and for those interested to help the artists out,  visit

Gerardo Tan, untitled collage

Jay Amante and Pow Martinez

Jucar Raquepo, "Horror Picture Show"

Lena Cobangbang, "From the Eggs to the Apples", embroidery on used napkin

Manuel Ocampo, untitled

Marcel Crespo and Rachel Rillo

Maria Jeona and Romeo Lee

MM Yu, "Rescind"

Pow Martinez, untitled oil on canvas pieces

Robert Langenegger, "Stoney Knows How"

Robert Langenegger, "Stoney Knows Where"

Romeo Lee, "Elepanty" and "Moon Lee"

Poklong Anading and Paolo Picones

Jucar Raquepo and Migs Rosales

By Gaston Damag


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