Plet Bolipata’s Fearless Flamboyant Women and Mad Mosaics

Plet Bolipata, "A Strong Wind Blowing North Summons An Army of Chairs", oil and collage on canvas, 48 x 48 in.

Detail, "Three Lives and A Party of Chairs"

If Plet Bolipata’s works came alive and transformed into celebrities, they would be Paris Hilton or Kimora Lee Simmons— flamboyant, vivacious, and unabashedly luxe.  From the jewel tones she uses as backdrop for her collages, to the florid and audacious patterns she mixes onto her mosaics, her works brim with opulence and confidence.  Her pieces are meant for joyous celebrations, the kind where everyone nibbles on foie gras and toasts martinis without thought for tomorrow.  Quiet introspection can come another day. Or for someone else’s art.

Plet Bolipata, "Mr. Trojan Horsey", broken tiles and cement

While I have always enjoyed Plet’s collages, undoubtedly the stars of Fearless Women and Mad Men, Plet’s solo exhibit now running at Boston Gallery, are the concrete animal sculptures she has brought to life with her mosaics.  A prancing masked pony, a dog who pairs his tuxedo with sunglasses, a cow sporting a leopard-print hoodie, and a psychedelic carabao rubbing his head on the ground, they all come together as a menagerie fit for a diva.  All very sumptuous.  All very Plet.

Plet Bolipata, "Having A Ball With The Blues", oil and collage on canvas,48x60in.

Fearless Women and Mad Men runs from 23 October to 11 November 2010 at Boston Gallery, 72-A Boston St., Cubao, Quezon City.  Phone (632)  722-9205

Plet Bolipata, "The Wait Patiently In The Wings For The Lights to Dim", oil and collage on canvas, 90x78 in.

Plet Bolipata, "Three Lives and A Party Of Chairs", oil and collage on canvas, 79.5x57.5 in

Plet Bolipata, "Mr. Patriotic Patrick", broken tiles and cement

Plet Bolipata, "Destiny's Daughter", oil and collage on canvas, 79.5x89.5in

Installation View


One Response to Plet Bolipata’s Fearless Flamboyant Women and Mad Mosaics

  1. Camille says:

    Wow, some of these look like Kahlos. I wonder how you manage to take photos and capture the titles of the works as well, ’cause I’m also attempting at having a culture blog. Though not as comprehensive as yours.

    I’m enjoying your blog. Keep it up! Bookmarked.

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