Don Salubayba Pops Up!

Don Salubayba takes on the role of storyteller in Lamat, his one-man exhibit now on view at Tin-Aw Art Gallery. He

Don Salubayba, "Pinag-uugatan", mixed media on wood, 12"x24"

turns to his inclinations as an animator, honed through his involvement with the Anino Shadowplay Collective, in this attempt to bring to life a legend on the origin of the Philippines.

He translates episodes of Alamat ng Pilipinas into pieces he calls palitaws.  Don employs the techniques of paper engineering to create three-dimensional pieces, like pop-up children’s books.  Each of the pop-up works have been encased within shallow wooden boxes.  They open to reveal multi-media assemblages in bright, whimsical colors.

Don Salubayba, "Pagsasapuso", mixed media on wood, 12"x16"

The show also includes three large-scale paintings and two videos.  The animated short film playing in the main exhibit area also recounts Alamat ng Pilipinas. Don set three wooden benches, carved and embellished, to complete the viewing experience.  Row Our Boat Gently Down To Where, the other video, garnered an Honorable Mention at the 2007 CCP Gawad Awards for Animation.           

Next month, Don takes off for Taipei for a two-month residency grant at the Taipei Artists Village.

Don Salubayba, "Big Bang Bamboo", mixed media on canvas, 80"x72"

Lamat runs from 24 September to 9 October 2010 at Tin-Aw Art Gallery, Upper GF, Somerset Olympia Makati.  Phone (632)892-7522 or visit

Don Salubayba, "Tinikling Rhapsody", mixed media on shaped canvas

Don Salubayba, "Pagsasabuhay", Mixed media on wood, 12"x12"x 12"

Don Salubayba, "Pagsasahimpapawid", mixed media on wood, 12"x16"

"Row Our Boat Gently Down To Where", paper cut out

Video Still, "Row Our Boat Gently Down To Where"

Don Salubayba, "Tele-Sniff, Yummy Vision", mixed media on canvas, 67"x80"

Pop up detail

Don and "Pagsasapuso"

Don Salubayba, "Freshly Baked", mixed media on canvas, 55.25"x59"


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